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New Jersey Commercial Storage

What are your commercial storage needs? Whatever your requirements, Simonik Transportation & Warehousing has the commercial storage services you need to store any type of commodity, from office furniture and displays to extra merchandise. Our 50,000 square foot warehouses are modern and fully secured for the best possible storage solution. Read more about some of the commodities we store at Simonik:

Our storage and distribution services include

  • Office Furniture, Counters and Displays: Why are you still tripping over those extra desks and chairs? Are those old bookshelves and filing cabinets still worth keeping?
  • Simonik specializes in office furniture and equipment storage. We have full-service commercial storage for office furniture and the like. Or, just fill up your personal self-storage container and we will take it to our secure, state-of-the-art warehouse until you need it back. There's no need to utilize back room space with extra furniture not in use.
  • Seasonal and other types of displays: Why keep displays that are only used during certain seasons on-site? Or, old displays that you want to hang onto "in case." Free up that costly space for more worthwhile things by storing them with Simonik.
  • Overstocked merchandise: Ever get a "great deal" on some products by buying in quantity, and the excess stock? Or just have some stock that is not a hot seller right now that is cluttering your shelf or floor space? Store your extra merchandise in our secure, fire and theft protected facility.

Let Simonik provide you with the best New Jersey storage services that meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to hear more about our commercial storage services for businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.