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New Jersey Self Storage

We provide self-storage with pickup and delivery service. We will bring the self-storage units to your door, you can load them or we will! Then, we will store these containers in our secure 50,000 square foot warehouses. This convenient, affordable and secure service provides you with easy access to your stored items while you free up valuable home or office space.

We provide storage solutions in New Jersey that can help you save time, money and the anxiety that comes along with moving. No rental truck hassles, no time restraints to get the truck back on time, and you only have to load your things ONCE, because: WE BRING THE STORAGE TO YOU.

  • Upgrading Your Home?Have you outgrown your present home and are moving into a larger house? The kids are grown and you want to downsize to a smaller, less costly home? Why not do it the easy, convenient, cost-effective way?
  • Pick-Up & Delivery Available!Our self-storage units are 8' tall, 7' deep, and 5' wide. They are made of wood and come to your home covered with a weather resistant tarp to protect your goods from the elements. Our containers are ground level, for your packing convenience, and after you have finished loading, you will lock the container with a lock to which only you will have the keys.
  • If you don't want to pack your own containers,you can choose to have a team of our professional loaders pack the containers for you. When the containers are loaded, we will pick them up and store them safely in our warehouse.
  • Realtor Ready!Most smart realtors today will tell you to "thin out" your home to make it more appealing when trying to sell. This makes sense, because a less cluttered home will not only appear bigger, but also helps to increase the value, and most likely will sell in a timelier manner. Simonik Self-Storage will drop your personal containers in your driveway, and you can take your time to decide which of your belongings will "display" your home, and which you should store until you need them back. We will be glad to deliver your stored items to your new home for you.
  • Just Too Much Stuff?OK, we all like to save our things, but sometimes, we also need to be practical, and maybe your house is just too cluttered with stuff that you still want to save. Want to clean that garage, basement or attic, but don't want to throw your stuff away?
  • Simonik-Self Storage can help. Your personal container is only a phone call away. Make that weekend project pay off by storing it right at home. Why spend a whole day just to rent a truck, pick up the truck, load the truck, drive to the storage facility, unload the truck and then take the truck back? Not to mention the cost of the truck, insurance, mileage and GAS. We help you save your time and energy by dropping the storage space right where your stuff is, at home.

Contact us today to hear more about our self-storage services for residents and businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have the self-storage units to make your storage solution convenient, easy and cost-effective!