Moving companies have always been the foot soldiers in the supply chain, keeping everything running smoothly with expert planning and precision. At Simonik Transportation & Warehousing, we have commanded the expertise needed for all types of moves, from fragile artifacts to massive amounts of durable goods and supplies.

For over four years we have been providing crucial inventory management and fulfillment services for HintWater, an American beverage company that provides an alternative to soda and sugar-filled drinks. HintWater produces more than 25 flavored water beverages.

As Simonik is FDA approved to handle food services, and operate two warehouses, we work with clients who utilize us as fulfillment centers for their regional operations.

Regional leaders of the California-based company needed an expert to help their sales teams with the timely distribution of their products to their select stores.

As they saw it, Simonik’s expertise along with our centrally located warehouse fit their fulfillment needs. HintWater’s sales teams now have an easy-to-access supply center where they can pick up their orders to deliver along their sales routes.

Simonik’s warehouse team conducts monthly inventory reports, keeping track of what is coming and going from the warehouse. We transmit those reports so the company has a clear picture of its demand and supply. Our flexible warehouse hours give sales teams more time in managing their daily/weekly product runs.

While they do not require refrigeration, HintWater products do have expiration dates, which requires constant monitoring and timely distribution.

We help to support inventory controls by rotating their stock, so that the products are always fresh when they reach the store shelves.

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