Every year, millions of Americans move. These relocations can be as long distance as a coast-to-coast move, or they can be right next door to a neighboring home. Trends are constantly changing and patterns are always emerging about where people are moving to, and moving out of. Overall, the past year experienced another downturn in the number of people moving - 12% less to be exact. This indicates quite a shift in the frequent migration patterns that the United States has experienced over the past decade.

Central New Jersey and Southeast PA are two unique locations when it comes to commercial and residential moving. If you're thinking about moving into or out of this area, you may find the statistics surrounding these two states interesting. Below, you'll find relevant data concerning the moving trends for both states.

Moving Trends in Central New Jersey

Overall, more people decided to leave the state of New Jersey (56%) than enter (44%). Interestingly, many of the moves into New Jersey came from nearby states like Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Florida. However, plenty of transplants also came from places like Riverside-San Bernardino, CA, and Albuquerque, NM. Many people who left New Jersey stayed close. The Utica-Rome region in Upstate NY was a popular destination, as well as the Hartford, CT area.

Moving Trends in Southeast Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania had slightly more people leaving than New Jersey. In fact, it was the second most left state in the county, with 57.2% of moves in this state being outbound, compared to 42.8% inbound. The Allentown, Philadelphia, Scranton, and Pittsburgh areas experienced the most moves. Inbound residents came from an assortment of states, with Florida being a top contender. For outbound moves, various cities in Texas like Houston and Dallas seemed to be very popular.

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