If you are in the process of finding a moving company in the South New Jersey area, head to Angie's List to read reviews from consumers about their real-life experience with a local business and its employees. Over 2 million consumers use Angie's List to find companies that offer quality service with a proven track record. The New Jersey moving company, Simonik Allied, now has a profile on Angie's List where you can read reviews and rate our company.

Angie's List is simple to use. Customers give a grade on the A-F scale to alert future customers of their past experience with the company. This helps future customers to make a decision based off of real life reviews, and not reviews paid by the company to have on the site, like some free review sites do.

A business doesn't pay to be on Angie's List. A customer pays a small monthly fee, which is one way to ensure reliable feedback since the customer is paying to use the site for its honest reviews. If you live in the South New Jersey area and are looking for a moving and storage company, check out Simonik Allied on Angie's List. After you've received service from the movers in New Jersey, please give us feedback on your experience. Feedback always helps our New Jersey moving company to improve its service offerings.