When it comes to your community, you want to do as much as you can. That is exactly what Simonik allied did for their community. When Camden City Schools asked for help with some relocation of school supplies and furniture, Simonik came to the rescue.

This was originally just for a Two day move, but an emergency came up when the area was hit with an Earthquake. This caused some structural damage to the building. The New Jersey Commercial Movers were called on Labor Day weekend to move the items from the damaged school to a new location prior to school starting that next week. This emergency move was done swiftly and was completed well before school started back up later that week.

The relationship with the Camden City School district is one that has been tested through time. Prior to this move, last year another move was done for this school district. Simonik moved 8 schools over 16 days. We continue to have a wonderful relationship with this school district. If you or someone you know needs a move done like this one, then contact Simonik Allied for your FREE moving quote today!