When it comes to hospitality management moves, you have to be very organized and ready for anything. That was the case for Hotel Monaco in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. This move was slated for sometime in 2008, but when the economy started to slip away, these moves we postponed. This was eventually pushed all the way until late last year. This is when Simonik first started to receive items for this move. Simonik was used as a distributor for this move.

The Commercial Movers in New Jersey would deliver truckloads at night so that union carpenters could install all of the items in the ten story hotel. The 225 separate rooms gave a lot of work for these carpenters. Simonik is still currently working on this job. The Jersey Movers hope to have some more of these types of moves available to them in the near future.

If Simonik has learned anything for their 25 years of experience in the Hospitality Management field, it is that hotels show the true face of the local economy. If people aren’t staying, then the money is not flowing in. IF you are in need of a move like this one, check out our FREE moving quote!