As the weather is about to turn scary over the weekend, are you prepared to handle this northeastern winter storm named Nemo?  This winter storm could become a historic blizzard as New England is expected to get up to 2 feet of snow and major cities like New York City are expected to get up to a foot of snow.   Already more than 4,000 flights have been canceled and states like Massachusetts have a statewide ban on driving because of dangerous conditions.  Blizzards can make life downright stressful.  Delayed commutes, increased falls, and chilling weather can make for some unsafe conditions for you and your family.  To make sure you and your loved ones stay safe this weekend, New Jersey Moving Company, Simonik Allied would like to provide some important tips on how to stay safe during a blizzard. Lost Power

If there is a power failure, make sure that you have candles and blankets to keep warm.  You might also want to wear layers of clothing as well to keep you from freezing.  You should contact your provider ASAP and also make sure you neighbors contact your local provider as well.  Many times utility companies repair power based on the number of homes that have lost power.  If everyone on your block calls, there is a better chance of your power being restored sooner.

Outdoor Surroundings

If you plan on going outside for any reason, make sure to pay attention to the ground.  Often times the snow is so deep many objects that may have fallen such as branches, power lines and debris may be hidden and could cause you harm if you are not paying attention.

Frozen Water Pipes 

No one likes when this happens.  To prevent your water pipes from freezing, make sure to turn your faucets on, very slightly, so that water runs freely through the pipes.  You should also make sure you have the proper tools and knowledge on how to turn off your water valves in case the pipes burst.

Stock Up on Food and Water

If the blizzard is as bad as they are predicting, you may be stuck inside your house for a while.  You should make sure you stock up on groceries and drinks to keep you and your family comfortable.  Think of meals that encourages everyone to help cook.  Getting everyone involved will keep people occupied and will promote family time!

Pay Attention to the Temperature of your House 

Make sure you are keeping an eye on your thermostat.  You want to make sure the temperature is at a comfortable level.  You should also close all rooms that are not being used and place a towel or rug under doors to minimize on cold drafts.

Don’t Drive! (Unless it is Absolutely Necessary)

If you must drive, make sure to have a bag packed with gloves, scarves and anything to keep you warm.  Also make sure there is a utensil to clean off snow and ice to make it safer for you and other drivers.  Also, make sure your cell phone is charged when you are driving in case of an emergency.