Simonik Transportation & Warehousing has recently collaborated with the Mercer County Courthouse and assisted with moving the historic Mercer County Courthouse on South Broad Street to the new location around the block on the corner at South Warren and Market Streets.  The completion of this move marked the end of the largest public project in County history.   The historic Mercer County Courthouse was built in 1900 and was not up to code anymore.  “The move is going faster than expected”, said by Gregory Eldridge who runs general operations for the court.

Court operations employees have been planning the move for several months.  According to the Trenton Times, “The project of building the new courthouse started 10 years ago when a committee of court and county personnel presented the county freeholder board with the blueprints for the project.  The total project cost topped around $80 million, including demolition work and planned repairs to the courthouse annex.”

Simonik Transportation & Warehousing Group, a New Jersey Moving Company worked endlessly to move everything in a timely fashion.  With the help of the moving staff at Simonik, everything was moved smoothly and safely.  The Mercer County Courthouse reopened its doors in January and has been proceeding with business as usual.