Fall is here!  It’s time to pull out the hoodies and enjoy the brisk weather of autumn.  Fall is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the final stages of cooperative weather before winter hits us.  During autumn, many things come to mind; Pumpkins, leaves, Halloween and apples.  Yes, apples are one of the most important parts of fall.  During the most colorful season, apples are at their best.  While being the most ripe and flavorful, fall is the best time to go apple picking.  Burlington County is one of the most beautiful counties in New Jersey during autumn and with an abundance of apple orchards and beautiful scenery, there is no reason to not find something exciting to do with friends and family.  New Jersey moving company, Simonik Allied has a good sense on the community as they have been a part of it for over 32 years.  They have provided a list of orchards you should check out before winter arrives.
  • Conte Farms
  • Johnson’s Farm
  • Russo’s Orchard Lane Farm
  • Strawberry Hill Farm