Recently, your professional New Jersey movers at Simonik completed a large-scale office move for the Schools Development Authority. This relocation involved moving the SDA’s office from 1 West State Street in Trenton, New Jersey to the Liberty Commons building at 32 East Front Street.

The SDA move was a larger-scale project and an opportunity that all of us at Simonik are very thankful for. The relocation was completed in six phases and extended from early September to early December. We put our office moving capabilities and equipment to good use when transferring this 200-employee office. There were numerous desks, files, and computers to pack, crate, and ship but we worked steadily and got it done!

The logistics of the SDA move at 1 West State Street were difficult, but our New Jersey moving company rose to the challenge! The sidewalks in front of the property were narrow, and we had to contend with a bus stop and pedestrian traffic. Nevertheless, our 12-16 man crews got the job done before the arrival of snow and other inclement weather conditions.

The SDA relocation was a huge cost-cutting step for the state of New Jersey. Over the next ten years, it’s estimated that the state will save $7 million in rental costs.

No matter the scope and logistical challenges of your relocation, our moving company in New Jersey will simplify your transition - guaranteed. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist!