At Simonik Transportation & Warehousing, we love summer moves. Most movers (and customers, for that matter) prefer it: there’s no snow to track into the house, you can open the windows, being outside isn’t annoying – it’s the time to move, which is definitely why we’re so busy. However, to make the process even more convenient, people can follow the following summer moving tips for a safer, faster, less stressful transition:

1. Pack strategically.

The more time you spend packing, the less time you’ll spend unpacking. Always label your boxes with corresponding numbers or colors and provide your mover with a blue print of your new home’s floor plan. Doing so will make it easy to get the right belonging in the right room for a simple unpacking job.

As a premier New Jersey moving company, Simonik has all the packing materials one could need to safely and securely transport just about anything.

2. Let the neighbors watch the kids and pets.

You love your kids and your pets are just like family – that’s a given. Unfortunately, there’s just no room for dogs, cats or small children anywhere near a moving crew. Not only will it make the process less efficient, but more dangerous, as well!

Have someone watch the kids and pets while the movers are at work – it’ll make for a safer and more streamlined process.

3. Photograph your electronic set-up!

The TV setup: most people don’t think about until they’re in their new living room, trying to catch the last ten minutes of the game – but then, of course, it’s too late. Don’t get stuck figuring out your TV or, for that matter, any electronics setup. Just take a picture instead. It’ll make for a quicker, less stressful transition!

Take it from Simonik, a leading moving company in New Jersey – these suggestions will make the process much, much easier for you. Call today for a free estimate and no-obligation consultation or just fill out the quote form on our homepage!