Princeton NJ

Princeton, NJ…when that town comes up, you probably think of the university.

There is so much more in Princeton than the college. There are plenty of other things to love about this great town. Princeton Movers, Simonik Allied, have moved a lot of families to Princeton. After years of moving families here, we have discovered some of the reasons why it is such a great town for families.

It is a safe area that lends itself to family living.  It low crime and high quality of living. They have excellent schools for children K-12.

This is a great area to get out and enjoy nature.  There are multiple parks throughout the town to explore.  They make for a great place to hike, walk, play sports or have a picnic.  The many lakes also provide an opportunity for boating.

Not only do they have a lot of parks, they also have an appreciation of the arts. Catch a show at the intimate Mill Hill Playhouse or drive to nearby New Brunswick for an opera or ballet at the State Theatre.

If history is of interest, meander through one of the many museums or the historic campus of Princeton University.

Maybe your family enjoys sports, we have that too! There are several ballparks nearby for children’s leagues or to watch professionals.

It is almost halfway in between Philadelphia and New York City. Both cities have a lot of sports, culture and entertainment opportunities.

It is a great area with a lot of potential for you and your family. It’s a great place to call home!

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