As your local movers in Marlton, NJ, Simonik Allied knows just why so many singles, young couples, and growing families move to this beautiful, tree-lined town. From affordable real estate to easy commutes, we’ve got the top reasons why families of all sizes are moving to Marlton.

·  Schools and education. With over 200 elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools combined, Marlton offers plenty of options for families looking into both public and private schools.

·  Plenty of job opportunities. Low unemployment rate and a higher than average income per capita means that jobs and disposable income are plenty here. Marlton’s easy access to neighboring cities also means that career commuting is a popular option.

·  Affordable housing. Finding a two or three bedroom townhome with trees, a patio, and a lawn in the $200 thousand range is not unheard of in this community. Great for young couples looking for their first home or families buying a multi-million dollar estate; options in Marlton are endless.

·  Healthy people, happy people. With access to so much green space, many of those who reside in Marlton are able to retain a healthy lifestyle whether that includes walking or biking, non-smoking, or simply maintaining a healthy diet.

As your leading moving company in Marlton, NJ, Simonik Allied can help you make your final transition to your dream. Our Marlton movers offer a full range of services from packing and tracking, to unpacking and set up. Call us to speak to a friendly representative or fill out our online form for a free estimate!