As you plan, organize, and pack your belongings for your move, you’ll find that you have plethora of unnecessary items that you could do without. Remove unwanted clutter from your life while supporting a good cause by donating these items instead of throwing them away. Not only will you be giving your belongings a second chance with a family that needs them, but your charitable donations are tax deductible, inevitably helping you lighten the load of moving as well.

Allied Van Lines has exclusively partnered with The Salvation Army for their Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) program. As a world renowned charity organization since 1865, The Salvation Army has helped millions of American families and individuals get back on their feet. The ARC program is a self-funded and FREE program that helps over 320,000 people this year with work therapy, counseling, and rehabilitation services. As an agent of Allied Van Lines, Simonik Transportation & Warehousing is a proud supporter of the ARC program.

Donate your lightly worn clothing, old furniture, household goods, used vehicles, and electronics to The Salvation Army’s ARC Program by calling 1-800-SA-TRUCK or visiting to schedule a FREE pickup of your donations. Be sure to keep an inventory of the items you choose to donate and give them an estimated value using The Salvation Army’s Donation Value Guide ( so you can get an accurate tax write-off.

At Simonik Transportation & Warehousing, we believe that a zero waste policy is the best approach. Don’t let you reusable items go to waste, give them to a family in need! Contact our exclusive charity partner, The Salvation Army, today! If you’re still planning your move and are looking for high-quality moving services call the experts at Simonik to learn more or get a free estimate by filling out our online form.