interstate moving

Despite the short distance, planning a move from central New Jersey to New York can be a daunting task. Even if your destination is a tranquil suburb, coordinating the transport of your possessions through sprawling metropolitan areas and the traffic that comes with them can be nerve-wracking. It’s important to remember you’re not alone as New Jersey has seen millions of people move in and out of the state over the last decade.That type of complex move requires an experienced and professional New Jersey interstate moving company to navigate, and the premier choice is Simonik Transportation & Warehousing. 

Simonik has helped many New Jerseyans move to New York so we fully understand the appeal. Some common reasons to seek the big city lights include:

New Opportunities

Perhaps you’ve landed that dream job in New York City and a long commute isn’t feasible, or you’re a life-long Jersey native who has infrequently visited New York but is ready to embrace the culture and bustle of the Big Apple.

New Experiences

It’s no secret that the New York experience is truly one of a kind and tailored for all interests. The Broadway and off-Broadway scenes offer world-renowned theatrical fare (whose titles aren’t Hamilton), storied sports franchises and their die-hard fan bases dot the major boroughs, and the nightlife provides the perfect backdrop to meet new people with vastly different backgrounds. Save the surprises for your New York adventures, not your move. Our New Jersey interstate movers will provide you a single point of contact as well as flexible load and delivery scheduling so your move is seamless and at your pace.

Living Closer To Loved Ones

Knowing that your loved ones are comfortable and secure is much easier when they’re nearby, especially if they are seniors that don’t travel often. If an older relative is moving in with you or into a retirement community close by, Simonik offers senior moving services centered around the gentle and seamless transport of your senior relative’s cherished possessions.

Lower Taxes

Over two million New Jerseyans have moved to states like New York and Pennsylvania over the past decade due to the less favorable New Jersey tax structure, according to a report from the Business and Industry Association. Don’t turn around and sink those savings into your move! Simonik offers affordable residential and specialty moving services as well as extensive storage options.

College Move-Ins

Whether your college freshman is moving into a dorm or splitting an apartment with friends, there are more pressing issues than worrying about their move – like helping them learn the campus, buying books, and reminding them to use them.

No matter what’s giving you the New York groove, trust the coordination of your move with the New Jersey interstate movers who approach every job with the same planning, precision, and care – regardless of distance or scale. Give us a call today or complete our quick online form to receive your free moving quote.