Due to higher living expenses and other various reasons, many New Jerseyans are leaving the state and making the move to Pennsylvania next door.

As NJ interstate movers, we strive to provide high quality long distance moves that make it simple for you to get from New Jersey to your new home in Pennsylvania.

In addition to higher living expenses, there are a few other reasons why people today are making the move. Many making the move are millennials, eager for new job opportunities and better wages.

High income tax has also contributed to continually lower economic activity and lower adjusted gross income. Paired with a higher cost of living, many are looking to make the switch from New Jersey to Pennsylvania in order to further expand their careers.

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Seeking to provide complete transparency and unbeatable customer service, Simonik Transportation and Warehousing provides detailed pricing from the very beginning, continually answering questions and alleviating concerns as well.

As New Jersey interstate movers, we can assist with the entirety of your move from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, from the initial estimate to the final follow-up after completing a move.

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