NJ long distance movers

Measured together, the U.S. and Canada cover almost 7.6 million square miles, a massive space inhabited by over 360 million people. With so much room to explore and so many new faces to meet, it’s always a possibility that relocation might be in the cards—whether it’s an opportunity to pursue new relationships, exciting job or career prospects, or another circumstance that requires moving.

Relocation can be an intimidating and challenging process, even in the best of times. Things can get particularly complicated when it comes to long-distance interstate moves, and that’s why our team at Simonik Moving & Storage, one of the largest NJ long distance movers is here to help.

After decades of experience as professional, full-service interstate movers, we’ve learned plenty of tips and tricks to ensure a streamlined relocation. If you’re interested in streamlining your upcoming relocation, take a look at some of our team’s favorite suggestions on how to make the moving process a whole lot easier.

Let Go of What You No Longer Need, Use, or Want

Starting off fresh can be an incredibly cathartic experience, especially if you’re leaving behind all that no longer serves you. Take the opportunity to take inventory of your belongings and throw away, sell, donate, recycle, or give away anything you don’t want. Be rigorous and thorough in the process, keeping only what you know you’ll actually use.

If this is particularly hard for you to do, ask yourself whether it’s something you’ve used within the last three months. If it’s been sitting in storage for that time, it’s not likely to be something you really need. Now, picture yourself giving it to someone who really needs it, whether as a donation to a charity or to a friend or family member. If you can imagine someone else getting more use out of the item, it might be easier to let it go.

Measure Your New Property

If possible, take as many accurate measurements and pictures of the rooms inside your new home before moving in. Once you have a better idea of what you will be working with once you arrive, it will be easier for you to sort through your existing belongings and pack with the new property in mind.

Measurements will also be helpful when planning for moving day. You might find, for example, that your existing furniture isn’t compatible with your new home’s layout. If that’s the case, knowing beforehand will allow you to sell your old furniture in time to purchase new ones that fit the new floor plan perfectly.

Label Anything and Everything

You can save yourself a lot of headaches by clearly labeling your boxes and bags after you fill and seal them for moving day. When your boxes are clearly stamped, stickered, or marked, your movers will find it very easy to take your belongings to the right space in your new property.

Labeling will also help you to keep things organized according to the rooms in your home. If you have young children, you can keep them busy creating labels to decorate their own boxes, using markers, crayons, and other materials.

Be Flexible with Dates – If Possible

As long as you book with plenty of time in advance, a reputable moving company like Simonik Moving & Storage will adapt to your schedule and develop a moving timeline that addresses your needs.

Even so, try to be flexible with dates if your schedule allows it. Peak moving times can impact the cost of moving services, and you’ll want to schedule your move around those dates for a more affordable rate.

Choose NJ Long-Distance Movers with the Right Connections

No matter the size, scope, or circumstances of your moving project, your moving company must be able to handle it all with ease. The right moving company will offer customized solutions to orchestrate a smooth and seamless experience for you from start to finish, whether you’re moving near, far, or somewhere in between.

Simonik Moving & Storage offers world-class residential and commercial moving services for homeowners and businesses in New Jersey, the United States, and Canada. We’re proud of our affiliation with Allied Van Lines, a renowned leader in international moving solutions with over 85 years of experience providing worldwide relocation services to customers all over the globe. Through Allied Van Lines, we’re equipped with all of the necessary resources, technology, and personnel we need to make any moving project a success—whether it’s a simple household move across state lines or international corporate relocation.

Since 1977, Simonik Moving & Storage has earned a reputation for excellence as a long-distance moving company NJ, through hard work, honesty, and loyalty to our customers. Our team, fleet, and storage facility have grown in that time, but our commitment to our mission remains the same. If you are planning a long distance move and would like to receive a free quote from one of our representatives, be sure to give us a call today or complete the form today.