NJ commercial storage services

You’ve worked hard to secure the success of your business. The last thing you should be dealing with is damaged or lost equipment, furniture, or inventory because you trusted in the wrong NJ commercial storage services. At Simonik Transportation, we’ve worked hard to find solutions to all of the storage horror stories we’ve heard over the years—and our state-of-the-art NC commercial storage warehouse does just that!

Protect Your Business and Keep Customers Happy with Our Storage and Distribution Services

Simonik Transportation has a fully-secured 79,000 square foot NJ commercial storage facility. Whether you need to keep your expensive and fragile office items safe during relocation, free up some much-needed space, or find reliable distribution services that will improve your supply chain and keep customers happy, we have just the solution you need!

Benefits of Full-Service Interstate Movers Solutions

  • Improved Efficiency: A cluttered work space is not a very efficient work space. If you’re looking for a safe place to store extra furniture or outdated equipment, we have an affordable solution—and equipment/furniture storing is our specialty!
  • Safe Seasonal Storage: When you need a safe place to keep your seasonal items and displays, we offer a better solution than your already cluttered back room.
  • Overstock Made Easy: Don’t pass up a good deal because you don’t have room to buy in bulk. Whether you need a place to store excess items or want to keep unsold items in reserve for better days, our secure, fire and theft-protected facility will make things much simpler.

When you need reliable NJ commercial storage that ensures your items are protected from damage, theft, and loss while offering the flexible and affordable solution you need, go with Simonik. Contact us today to learn more about our short and long-term storage options!