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The month of May marks the start of the summer season when a few important things start to happen. Schools and universities let out for the summer, families start embarking on summer vacations, and home sales start to rise. May is also marked as National Moving Month, which kicks off the start of the peak season for moving—and the busiest time of year for moving companies. Beginning in May, and more so after Memorial Day, thousands of homeowners relocate to new homes in high volume – until the end of the season over the Labor Day weekend in September.

For most homeowners in Central Jersey, residential moving can be overwhelming and stressful. Because of this, many of them resort to hiring central NJ movers who can professionally assist them in every aspect of the move.

As a top-rated central NJ moving company, Simonik Transportation & Warehousing is ready to kick off our busiest season of the year. In this guide, we’ll show you how our professional moving team can help you navigate through your summer move—and how expert relocation services can turn your peak season moving experience into an exciting summer adventure to look forward to. 

Why Hire Professional Central NJ Movers?

As soon as the move date has been finalized, it is recommended to start with the planning of the project. The first thing to decide on is whether you will go for the DIY approach or hire a professional mover.

While DIY moving can certainly seem more cost-effective than hiring professionals, the truth is that that’s not always the case. There are plenty of reasons why an expert moving team can save you plenty of time and money when compared to a DIY move. Below are some of the reasons why it’s more practical to seek the assistance of experts:

  1. Saving Money: DIY moves involve expensive truck and equipment rentals, the purchase of packing supplies, fuel, snacks, and beverages, not to mention the time it takes to plan, organize, and execute it all on your own. You’ll also run the risk of damaging your own property or becoming injured in the process—which will add to the entire cost of your move.
  2. Stress-Free, Hassle-Free Moving: Hiring experienced professionals to move for you is essential to your peace-of-mind. Instead of doing it yourself, you avoid potential problems, personal injury, accidents, and damage to your household items. You’ll also have more time to focus on settling into your new life in a new home—which will allow you to enjoy your fresh start even more.
  3. Safety of Your Belongings: Expert movers know how to properly pack and handle all types of items. Whether it’s a heavy grand piano or priceless artwork—you can rest assured that your belongings are well-taken care of.

Choosing the Ideal Mover and Moving Tips

With all the professional moving companies in NJ out there, it can be difficult to assess which one is the most suitable provider. In order to make this task easier, follow the following tips:

  • Learn More About Your Company: It is important to know who you’re transacting with before you entrust your belongings to the mover. Aside from browsing through their website, ratings and feedback from previous clients, as well as licensing and permits, it also helps to hear from neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives who have had first-hand experiences working directly with the company. Also, allocate some time to interview these companies first so you can clarify questions and concerns you may have.
  • Request Multiple Estimates and Compare: Before you sign a contract with a moving company, it is advisable to request for in-home estimates from at least three providers. This will allow you to compare and select which one provides the best value. Don’t just go for the cheapest—evaluate which one will provide the best value for your money.
  • Avoid Moving Scams: Some moving companies ask for a small deposit, and that is fine. However, if the provider is asking for a large sum as down payment, be careful as it may be trying to scam you and run away with your money.
  • Read the Contract: Always make sure that all agreements between you and the moving company are clear in writing in the form of a contract. This will serve as the legal protection for both parties, so you need to read the document carefully before signing and keep a copy.
  • Take Your Valuables With You: It is recommended to take high-value items such as jewelry and cash, as well as important documents and photographs with you. This will ensure that your items are not misplaced, damaged, or stolen—and will avoid potential headaches.

Your Most Trusted Central NJ Moving Company

If you’re looking for a trusted Central NJ moving company with a proven track record of satisfied clients, contact Simonik Transportation & Warehousing today. Since 1977, we have provided excellent residential, commercial, and specialized moving and storage services in Central Jersey and other nearby areas, and would love to help you make your best move into a new home.

With our team of moving consultants, expert movers, and experienced drivers, as well as our fleet of over 140 pieces of equipment ranging from 53-foot trailers to trucks, vans, and car carrier, we manage to deliver exceptional services and maximum customer satisfaction. Additionally, we have been A+ accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a trusted Allied Van Lines agent for years.

To learn more about how we can help you with your summer move, contact Simonik Transportation & Warehousing today or fill out this quick online form for a free and accurate in-home estimate.