Residential storage can benefit homeowners in countless ways, which is why these services are so popular throughout the East Coast and beyond. You may be familiar with seeing different types of storage services in your area. But if you’ve never used these services before, you might not be aware of what they’re actually used for.

At Simonik Transportation and Warehousing, we’re proud to offer NJ residential storage solutions that go above and beyond the norm. Our full-service, NJ residential storage facility is a state-of-the-art space that’s customized to safely hold a vast variety of important items—from furniture, musical instruments, or fine art to office furniture, important documents, and so much more. In this article, our team shares some of our favorite ways that our customers use our NJ household storage facilities for residential purposes. If you’re interested in finding a safe and reliable spot for your items and belongings, take a look at this article to see how we can help you store whatever you need for as long as you need at Simonik Transportation and Warehousing.

How Are Residential Storage Services Used?

Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a large family home, there are many ways to use storage services to streamline your life at home. While our customers use our storage services for all kinds of reasons, here are some of the most common ones we see every day at Simonik Transportation and Warehousing:

  • To maximize space at home by reducing clutter.
  • To safeguard important or valuable items.
  • As a safe place to hold items that they have on sale.
  • For clearing out the home to list on the market, or for making it look better for open house events.
  • Storing patio and pool furniture over the winter season.
  • Storing winter coats, boots, shovels, and Christmas or other holiday decorations over the summer season.
  • For keeping their kids’ items safe until they can be given to them in adulthood.
  • For storing dangerous items like tools in homes with small children.
  • For seasonal sporting equipment and other large items that do not fit in your garage like jet skis, boats, and snowboards.
  • Storing antique cars, golf carts, and other large vehicles in a safe and secure space.
  • Downsizing into a smaller home.
  • Temporarily moving out of the city, state, or country for work-related purposes.

Self-Storage vs. Full-Service Storage Options

There are several types of storage services available for homeowners to choose from, but the most common ones are self-storage and full-service storage options. These can differ in characteristics from one business to the next, but in most cases the difference lies in the size of the space and the options you have for loading and unloading your items into the area. 

At Simonik Transportation and Warehousing, we offer both types of storage options for our customers. Our full-service storage options include custom spaces within our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouse that are fit for holding anything from priceless artwork to vintage cars. Our self-storage options, on the other hand, allow customers with the convenience of loading their items into a container that is then stored in our warehouse. Both full-service and self-storage options can be optimized with pick-up and delivery service, loading and unloading services, and more.

Safe, Secure, Smart Storage at Simonik Transportation and Warehousing

Since 1977, Simonik Transportation and Warehousing has been a full-service transportation, relocation, and storage company on the East Coast. As the 15th largest moving agent in Allied Van Lines’ network of premium moving companies, our mission is to continue raising the bar in the moving and storage industry, with top-quality services and solutions for our customers. With over 69,000 square feet of warehouse space and safe, secure NJ household storage facilities, we provide our customers with affordable long-term and short-term storage solutions and exceptional customer service.

If you’d like more information about our company and the outstanding NJ household storage and relocation services we provide, don’t hesitate to give us a call over the phone. Or, if you’d prefer to get started with a free, in-home pricing estimate now, fill out our online form to have an agent contact you to make an appointment.