The above photo represents five key employees, known as the “Old School Clan”.  Combined these men have faithfully worked for Simonik Transportation and Warehousing Group for over 135 years.  

Pictured from left to right are: 

  • Gary Davis, Crew Chief, 24 years with Simonik 
  • Darnell (Saleem) Murphy, Crew Chief, 27 years with Simonik
  • Gerald AustinSenior Driver Supervisor, 43 years with Simonik 
  • Jermaine (Too Tall) Patterson, Driver Supervisor, 17 years with Simonik
  • Aaron (Big Dog) Nock, Senior Driver Supervisor and Driver Trainer, 24 years with Simonik

At our company black lives certainly matter. These employees have committed their lives to serving our customers for decades.  Their dedication and loyalty to me and our company is unparalleled and we are very fortunate to have these men working for our company.  They play a huge part in the history of Simonik Transportation and they are looked up to and respected by everyone at our company.  

We are honored for their loyalty and proud to have them lead our team.