Moving the life’s work of a team of scientists to a new or expanded life science center is serious business.

If not handled delicately or within prescribed temperatures, years - or decades - of scientific research could be destroyed in transit.

One such example is the movement of cryogen freezers.  Maintaining temperatures up to 80 degrees below zero is critical during the moving process. These vital deep freeze containers are used to deliver and store some of the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as other scientific research materials.

Moving cryo freezers is just one example of the types of equipment Simonik Transportation & Warehousing Group has been called upon over and over for their unique ability to move complicated machines, tools and sensitive contents. While scientists and engineers rely on data for their work, many rely on Simonik’s logistics and moving expertise as they renovate and expand life science and other facilities.

The equipment used in medicine, physics and engineering labs are often expensive, heavy and fragile. In many cases, the locations where they are coming from and going to are not always so forgiving.  Some facilities where heavy equipment is being moved to or from have no loading docks or easy access to transport the equipment.

In order to move them efficiently and safely, the professionals at Simonik reverse engineer every single aspect of that move.  They measure doorways and hallways at both locations and meet with loading dock and facility managers to develop a detailed plan of how the move will be conducted.

As a company that specializes in difficult transports, Simonik owns and operates the right equipment and machine lifts needed to safely move heavy and sensitive equipment. In addition, Simonik’s moving staff is well-trained and well-equipped to execute any moving plan.

Most importantly is the proper communication and attention to detail between Simonik’s Project Managers and Supervisors and everyone else involved, which ensures  that the right plan is developed for a successful relocation.

If you would like to discuss your moving needs, please contact us today for a consultation.