Moving in the August heat requires logistical know-how - and 8000 boxes

When 1,200 Camden High School students walked into their new school this past September, the building and all its thousands of contents were in place to help them make history in Camden City.

Simonik Transportation & Warehousing put their logistical expertise, professional manpower, equipment know-how and solid customer service to help Camden City move on to a new chapter in its academic history. They have performed these types of services for thousands of other schools, companies and families.

The move took a month, but the planning dated back nearly four years, before the wrecking ball hit the old school.  The Simonik team worked with the district to move every book, chair, musical instrument and beyond out of the old school and store it at various temporary locations - 15 to be exact.

As those four years passed, the contents stored in all those places got moved around a bit, turning the final move into a giant jigsaw puzzle. But the good relationship with the school district and Simonik’s long history of resolving complex moves kept the project moving forward - and on time.

The Simonik team built out a 10-phase plan to move all of its contents into the new school. Here is a summary of that big checklist:

  • 16 to 18 professional movers and a project manager on site every day of the move, in a 30-day timeline
  • 4 to 5 trucks per day for each move phase
  • Relocated contents from over 260,000 square feet
  • Supply more than 8,000 boxes during a supply chain crisis
  • Transfer a large supply of lumber from one wood shop to another
  • Move an immense supply of musical instruments, including several pianos, and bins of trophies from Camden’s award-winning music program

Juggling the chronological 10-phase project also required on-the-fly adjustments. When the elevator completion schedule changed, it meant moving items manually from one wing to the other of the 270,000-square-foot, two-story school.

When all was complete, Camden High School teachers and staff were prepared to welcome the students back to school, to begin a new chapter in the community’s history.

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