If you are business owner, manage a large retail space, or operate an in-home care facility you might use commercial movers when deciding to relocate. Commercial movers are operating on a different level than residential movers as they require more expertise to move larger and more equipment than a standard household move. That is why we put together some key points that you should know when relocating your business to a new space.


Having a plan in place is vital to any successful move. As a business owner you already know the planning it takes to make sure your business operates year-round. The same applies when you are moving a commercial location. Start by gatherings all your assets. What needs to be moved? What is your budget for moving?

Once you have listed everything you need to move and how much you are able to spend it is now time to start looking for the new space if you haven’t already. This will help when hiring a mover as they will need to know where they will be moving you too so they can give you a better a cost estimate.

After a mover has been selected (see our post on finding a trustworthy mover) and you are about a month or so away from moving, it is time to start packing and letting everyone know about your new location!

Transporting Sensitive Information

We understand that businesses hold valuable and most times private information. It is so important that those documents make it through the move safely. To do this effectively it is recommended that you assign an administrative role dedicated to keeping track of the documents through the moving process. Having a spreadsheet to keep track of which documents are in which box can make transporting and unpacking a lot less stressful. It is also very important you choose a moving company you can trust!

Transporting Electronic Equipment

Besides information and sensitive documents, electronic or mechanical equipment is the next most valuable thing you will most likely be moving into your new office space. This equipment is expensive and some hold valuable information in them as well. To make sure that your electric equipment travels to its new home safely it is important to stay organized. Making sure the proper cords are being moved with the correlating machine will help when setting up your new office once everything has been moved to the new location. It is also very important that you save copies of the files on the machines that hold them. You can’t always predict what will occur when transporting machinery. Having back-ups will help ease any stress of losing valuable information. Lastly, have the professionals take the time and care to properly package and move your electronic equipment.

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