Supply chain dysfunction is hitting every nook and cranny of our economy - from construction and auto supplies to produce markets and burger joints. No one has escaped its inconveniences.

Moving and storage operations are among those industries impacted by supply chain strain as well.

Delays in construction build outs, pushed back delivery dates of goods or supplies trickles down to moving dates. It has forced many companies into a bind, particularly for those that cannot extend a lease, or are forced out for other reasons.

Simonik Transportation & Warehousing has always worked with their clients to coordinate moving plans and dates. As supply chain delays are creating shortages in truck availability and storage facilities, our long-standing reputation has been a valuable asset for businesses looking to relocate during these complicated times.

With a stable fleet, strong relationships with truck rental and lease companies, and veteran moving teams, Simonik is still able to respond to client demands for what they need, when they need it.

The company’s logistic experience has been key to helping clients bridge gaps between where they’ve been and where they are going, whether it’s deploying temporary space or trailer storage options or managing expectations when building a move plan.

When it comes to relocating in a supply chain crises, here are 5 things businesses can do to improve their moving projects:

  1. Allow additional time for your construction project permits
  2. Understand and account for workforce shortages in tech and the trades, and plan for potential delays as a result
  3. Secure warehouse space early if you have a hard deadline to be out of a current facility
  4. Do not wait. The earlier you involve your relocation supplier in your move plans, the more options and solutions we can provide to you.
  5. Book early for summer moves. Household moves stretch capacity. It’s always better to get on the books early and adjust, rather than to try and schedule something last minute.

If your company has plans to move, contact Simonik Transportation & Warehousing today to get started on making a flexible and dependable move plan.