There are several reasons a business relocation becomes necessary, including more visibility, an upgrade in space, or getting a location to reflect the strength of the business. Whatever the case is, it takes more than packing a couple of boxes and occupying a new location. You need to let the following tips guide your decision to change your business address.

Create a Plan

Whether you’ve waited too long to move or can’t settle on the ideal place for your business, you should have a plan on how to move your office equipment and other important items. That includes informing your employees about the upcoming transition to a new space and drawing up an inventory of the items you want to move. Being unprepared can lead to mistakes at work, an unproductive atmosphere, and declining customer service. A plan makes you proactive about a new location that matches your business needs.

Prepare Your Customers and Vendors

Use the days and weeks leading up to the move to get your customers and vendors prepared for your relocation. You can do this by sending emails, postcards, or placing signs on your current business location to let them know the date of your move. Provide additional information such as the new address and the phone number of your customer care. Even if you’re not fully settled in your new location, they can contact your business during downtimes.

Move in Stages

A staggered move has many benefits for your business, especially when moving at short notice. You can start with the heavy machines and other equipment that aren’t immediately needed for continuous operations. Also, moving in stages has a limited impact on regular schedules and workflow. Transitions and downtimes may take longer than expected, but a move in phases puts all plans into perspective.

Use the Right Packing Materials

A move for your business doesn’t include replacing valuable properties. That means you have to do your best to get it right, including using the right packing materials to move. You can use packing paper for some items, while heavy-duty boxes will suffice for breakable and bulky items. For electronics like computers, monitors, TVs, and printers, place them in bubble wraps before putting them in special boxes. Furniture can be covered with moving blankets and stretch wraps to avoid dents.

Hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers is a no-brainer and should be done on time, usually within three months before your move. Ensure the moving company offers commercial moving services and uses the best moving equipment. An experienced company will provide other services like debris removal and full-service options.

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