The secret to a successful move is not unlike those intricately stacked block towers in the skill game of Jenga. Meeting deadlines is the critical feature to a moving company’s success. But right underneath that, good communication skills are needed. After that, it requires team work and someone who is very well organized.

For Simonik Transportation and Warehousing, that skilled person is Customer Service Manager Patty Padalino.

Skilled Multi-tasker Patty will tell you that meeting deadlines are important to everyone, whether it’s an office or a residential move. Both rely on Simonik’s trademark efficiency, but for most, the focus is more on meeting the move date deadline itself. This requires juggling lots of daily deadlines, while putting out occasional fires.

As Patty often suggests to clients, communication with the company ‘early and often’ works best for a smooth move. Any way you stack it, Patty is there to take Simonik’s customers every step of the way.

Change is a Constant Like moving itself, deadlines have a way of moving too. For that, Patty must be in constant communication with the drivers, operations and sales teams responsible for each project – as well as clients. For residential clients, Patty adds another layer of patience, as moving people’s lives has emotional layers that can run very deep.

Whether shifting a move date, accommodating a special need from a customer, or making sure her team is taken care of, Patty is a central figure in Simonik’s long-standing success. And she loves nearly every minute of it.

Embracing Technology Over the years, Patty has collaborated with the rest of the Simonik management team to update the company software in a way that saves time and provides better communication with their customers. Some of the new platform’s paperless features makes it easier to manage Simonik’s busy workload.

When not working, Patty spends valuable time with her family and their dog Snoopy. Her church and the Boy Scouts are also beneficiaries of her organizational skills, as she volunteers for both. Traveling and shopping are also on her list of favorite things to do.

If you would like to learn how Simonik can help you and your upcoming move, contact us today.