Uptraining and implementing new technologies are nothing new for Simonik Transportation and Warehousing, as we've continually been evolving with the needs of our customers and our growing business. However, some changes are more large-scale and make a bigger impact on our processes, the customer experience and the environment.

Recently our NJ moving and storage company held three days of training in preparation of going live with new Software that will help us streamline the move process. Our goal is to go 95% paperless once the new software is fully implemented. The software called Supermove will help us to improve our efficiency and reduce cost while better servicing our customers.

Drivers will now utilize a tablet to manage all aspects of their work from paperwork to time sheets. Instead of paper forms requiring data entry and filing back at the office, digital forms eliminate steps and ensure information is updated almost immediately. With these new digital elements in place, accuracy and efficiency will be at a new peak.

We want to thank Jason and Eli from Supermove for all their assistance during the implementation and training.