There are different storage processes in a warehouse, and all of them are important. From receiving your items to maintaining them, a moving and storage professional will employ different steps. The storage process refers to steps or measures taken to handle different items and products.

The Receiving Process

Items and belongings have to be received. However, the warehouse must ensure that it receives the right items. That includes its weight, current condition, and quantity, where applicable. This information is important to avoid potential issues or complaints from disappointed customers. That’s because, on receipt of the items, responsibility for them move to the warehouse, which is charged to maintain their condition until they’re shipped. When items are properly received, warehouses can separate damaged ones from good ones and avoid any liability.

Put-Away Storage

This involves the movement of items or goods from the receiving dock to the most optimal warehouse storage location. In simple terms, it means moving different items to their most ideal space. It’s an important process that boosts productivity and the general operation of the warehouse. Other benefits of a proper put-away, especially for Philadelphia commercial storage, include faster and more efficient storage, quick time tracking, and safety for goods and warehouse employees.


Goods and items are placed in their most appropriate storage space. Depending on the kind of item, its size, and value, the available storage space is fully maximized. This will increase efficiency, especially when software that automatically calculates the warehouse storage is employed.


The products and items are collected under this process in response to the customers’ orders. It’s often the most expensive process in the warehouse because it takes the bulk of the operating expenses. Technology goes a long way to improve this process to allow employees like clerks to have access to systems in real-time, especially when storing commercial items.


The packing process involves combining the items in a sales order to get them ready for shipment to the customer. It’s a delicate process, with warehouse employees urged to minimize the damages that may arise. Also, the packaging should be light enough and easy to move. This will take care of the weight and costs associated with packaging.


As the last and final warehouse process, your goods or items get to you. If you used commercial or Philadelphia household storage, shipping is successful when the order is right, sorted out, and dispatched rightly to you. The right means of transportation and timing must be considered. Besides, how items get shipped is largely determined by the efficiency of other storage processes. A good loading, information, and transport system will boost this warehouse process.

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