Based on what we’ve moved and stored, these past two years has painted a clear picture of where we’ve been and where our economy could be headed. As COVID forced businesses to shut doors and store or salvage equipment, this year we have seen the exact opposite. As Simonik Transportation and Warehousing closes out another year of successful moves for our clients, we can see that business demand is back. 

Here are a few of the revitalizing trends we have seen in our work this year.


As there has been an increase in demand for medical care, healthcare providers have expanded hospitals and urgent/primary care facilities.  They have contracted with us to store and distribute equipment and supplies into their new facilities. 

Restaurants & Hotels

During COVID the hospitality industry nearly shut down. We moved furniture and equipment into storage or decommissioned restaurant facilities. We have seen the exact opposite this year. In 2022 restaurant chains and hotels are reopening at a fast pace and are in need of furniture, equipment and other supplies. Their deadlines are tight and many have sought our expertise in planning and logistics to ensure a timely re-opening.

Pharmaceutical Industry  

The needs of this industry continue to evolve as demand for its inventory shift.  With the increase in production due to COVID, pharmaceutical companies have had additional needs for equipment storage and packaging materials.  Storage areas need to be clean and free of accumulated waste.  There needs to be a written program for pest control and the warehouse must meet certain federal requirements.  Simonik adheres to strict protocols to ensure compliance with our pharmaceutical customers.


In 2021 and early 2022 we saw record levels for Local residential moves as well as an increased demand for storage services.  The multi offers and quick sale of homes forced many homeowners into storing their possessions while waiting to find a new home. Developers are now opening model homes and senior facilities. These businesses have called on us to consolidate and store a variety of furniture and equipment to achieve their sales goals.

Warehousing & Storage

While these facilities are still in demand for commercial and residential needs, the length of time has shifted - from long-term storage to short-term. There was shortage of warehouse space up and down the mid-Atlantic region caused by the on line demand for products.  New warehouses are currently being built in our area at an unprecedented pace to ease the shortfall in space.   

No matter the adjustment or demand, Simonik Transportation and Warehousing Group has the diverse expertise, equipment and facilities to help businesses and homeowners alike. Need help keeping up with industry demands? Reach out today for more information.