There was a big boom in relocation during the outbreak of COVID. Massive job losses, a desire to be closer to loved ones, and a renewed appreciation of life may have all driven household moving decisions. Now that things have cooled off, here's a look at where the county moved in 2022.

Out of Major Cities

COVID produced a lot of strange behaviors and unforeseen circumstances, but it also taught the world a lot. One of those lessons is that the working world can do just fine in a remote setting. With the freedom to work from home, many people are moving out of major cities and into the suburbs for roomier, greener living.

Despite a strongly growing economy, Californians, especially those in Anaheim, Riverside, and San Diego, have made a mass exodus, with nearly 60% of relocation traffic leaving the state. Interestingly, people leaving Los Angeles are relocating to Jersey City. However, New Jersey residents left their homes while headed to Arizona, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Headed South

Now that we know where people are coming from, where are they headed? Perhaps these prior city dwellers are seeking wide open spaces, or maybe the more affordable cost of living is serving as an attraction. Whatever the case, the South is in a state of welcoming new residents.

Southern states, including Arizona, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Texas, are seeing the highest inbound moving traffic in 2022. While Texas offers the county's lowest cost of living, its modest economic growth directly correlates with the state's wage increases, making it an affordable place to live.

Moving Made Easier

Whether relocating due to increased work freedom or seeking more affordable housing in another state, nationwide moving can be a stressful process. Efficient household moving requires the coordination of multiple services and careful planning. Experienced long-distance movers deliver a stress-less relocation process.

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