NJ moving tips

Here’s tips to spot an unlicensed rogue mover…

When moving every single thing you or your company own to a new place, the last thing you need is to hire a team of unlicensed, unprofessional movers. Unfortunately, due to the ‘wild-west’ of the internet, there are as many illegal and unlicensed rogue operators as there are licensed, legal movers advertising on the internet.

Picking a moving company is a buyers-beware endeavor, but Simonik Transportation & Warehousing says there are things the consumer can do to protect themselves from unscrupulous moving companies.

Here’s how to spot an unlicensed rogue moving company:

  1. In New Jersey, ask the mover to show their license issued by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. In Pennsylvania, in order to perform a move within the state, the mover must have a license issued by the PA Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Ask to see their license number and the mover’s physical address on their advertising, estimate and Bill of Lading.
  2. Verify a mover’s license by checking with these State Mover’s Associations: NJ Warehousemen & Movers Association; in Pennsylvania, Tristate Household Goods Tariff Conference. Contact the State Authorities (shown above) to verify a licensed mover.                                                                                             
  3. Licensed Interstate movers are required to have a US DOT number and Federal Motor Carrier number. BEWARE of Brokers that advertise on the internet as full-service movers. Brokers are not movers!  They will claim to be, but in reality, they farm the move off to someone else to do the actual moving.  These operators may change the price, hold goods hostage and make threats. The problem has gotten so bad that the FBI has recently formed a task force to combat these illegal operators.  They can be punished by fines and jail time. Contact a brand name Interstate mover.
  4. If a mover demands a high percent (normally 20% or greater) deposit to secure their services – beware. The rouge movers are known to collect large deposits - then they don’t show up for your move.
  5. They don’t provide you with verification at the time of the estimate that they have the proper insurance or workers compensation.
  6. They don’t perform background checks or drug testing on their employees.
  7. Although required by NJ and PA law, the mover has not filed their rates with the state. In many cases as a result, they will charge whatever they want.
  8. They don’t show up as scheduled.

Do your research and be sure to hire a licensed professional mover!

Simonik takes a leadership role in the moving and storage industry in the tristate area. Simonik owner Robert Kandetzke is the current President of the NJ Warehousemen &  Movers Association (NJW&MA) and they are sworn to abide to a Code of Ethics. They are a long-standing member of both NJWMA and the Tristate Household Goods Tariff Conference.

Simonik Transportation takes pride in supporting and educating their customers. Their Team values guiding their customers through the process before, during and after the move.

Spring and summer are busier months for the moving industry, so it is recommended that anyone looking to move from May through August contact their mover at least four to five weeks before their scheduled move date.  Even if you are not completely sure of your move date, reach out to the Simonik team and get on their schedule for a free no obligation estimate. It’s easier to change a moving date than it is to try to make a hurried reservation.

If there is a move in your near future and you need more information, contact Simonik today to get started