"Simonik helped me move some of my elderly parents’ furniture into storage last week. I can't thank or praise them enough to make it an accurate portrayal of my gratitude.”

When we opened this letter from one of our clients last week, we read a familiar refrain. They appreciated the efficient and supportive work our team provided. But this letter writer touched on an even more important quality…kindness.

“They were so empathetic and kept me smiling and sane through a very emotional day. They even conversed with my 75-year-old father, asking HIM for his knowledge of how to disassemble some of the older pieces.

Most dismiss people like my Dad. Not only did they include him in the process, they gave him the respect and kindness he needed on a very difficult day. My father was on Cloud 9 that these two gentlemen talked to him, because it had been so long since someone apart from me cared what he had to say. He felt useful for the first time in a long time,” the letter read.

There weren’t too many dry eyes in the Simonik office after reading this letter.  

Our teams manage a lot of complicated moves, from big commercial projects with expensive contents, to moving people’s furniture and priceless memories to a new place they hope to call home. There are no moves more delicate, however, than moving a family with a loved one who has special needs.

It is one of the reasons why it is so important to hire the right people, train them well and make sure they have the right temperament.

Making sure our teams are prepared to meet the challenges of their jobs start at the beginning, with a well-defined onboarding and training process, complete with video and scenario training.

With five team leaders who have a combined 65 years of service, we put our team culture to work and involve our staff in the vetting process. They help us look for the little things, the ‘difference makers’ - why we should hire them over someone else.

Our warehouse and moving team leaders look for certain qualities in a candidate, including their professional appearance, their timeliness, and how they treat others when no one is watching. We believe that the behaviors our teams demonstrate inside the building will play out on the field.

In this move, two of our team members, Travis and Makai were prepared to help a family with special needs move to an unknown place. They understood the dynamics of what our client was up against and went the extra mile to make sure her Dad felt safe and in control.

Moving always takes good planning, scheduling, good equipment and logistics. At Simonik Transportation and Warehousing it also takes heart.