Moving is an exciting but life-changing event. While you’re excited about new beginnings, your pet may have a lot of anxiety watching their world change around them. Here are a few tips to help make a residential move with pets easier for everyone.

Keep Records Handy

In the chaos of packing and unpacking, you don’t want to be searching for essential documents. Many property management teams or homeowner’s insurance companies ask for proof of rabies or other vaccines. Keep your pet’s veterinary records with your other vital documents in a dedicated travel folder.

Help Reduce Anxiety

Moving is already a stressful event. If your pet suffers from anxiety, moving could amplify that condition. A veterinarian can prescribe medication to help calm your pet before and during the move. Don’t wait until the week of relocation to have a conversation with your pet’s provider.

Plan Ahead

In the months leading up to the move, develop a plan for your pet’s needs in the new area. If you kennel often, find a reputable facility and ensure they are taking new clients. Likewise, ask your current vet if they have recommendations for providers in the new location and call ahead.

Keep Pets Safe on Moving Day

The safest place for your pet on moving day is a different location. Even locked in a crate, there is a chance someone could open a kennel door, and your pet could bolt out of an open entryway. Eliminate this risk by having your pets at a friend’s house or boarded at a doggy daycare for the day.

Familiarize the Unfamiliar

Help your pet feel more at home by creating familiar routines in an unfamiliar setting. Put beds, bowls, and favorite toys in the same types of rooms at the new house. If your dog or cat always ate in the kitchen at the old home, establish the old routine in the new environment for familiarity.

Make a Move Efficient

Efficient household moving helps reduce anxiety, time, and risk. Experienced long-distance movers deliver the most streamlined relocations. Simonik Transportation and Warehousing has nearly 50 years of proven efficient services. Get started with a free quote.