While hotels are massive buildings with plenty of rooms for guests, hotel operators often struggle to find the storage space for their inventory. It’s important to have extra furniture on hand to replace broken pieces or to have a travel set of toothpaste and brush for the guest in need.

With the challenge of finding space for everything that’s required to run a successful hotel, you may feel at wit’s end. Here are a few practical tips for optimizing hotel storage to help ease your frustration.

1. Utilize an Inventory Management System

An inventory management system makes it much easier to keep track of your hotel’s assets and retail items. Modern technology makes it possible to create a system as detailed as you desire to the level of tracking individual items, like travel size soaps and toothpaste.

However, most businesses opt for a happy medium that allows them to see what they have plenty of and are also running low on. This way you can maintain a smaller inventory overall and save some space.

If you prefer offsite storage for your furniture, consider choosing FF&E movers who also have an inventory management system in place. These systems can help the movers easily track down a specific piece of furniture for delivery when needed.

2. Install Mobile Shelving in Storage Areas

If your hotel is looking for more physical space to keep inventory and assets, you can get creative about storage. Mobile shelving racks use about 50% less floor space that a traditional shelving system. This an investment in your business operations, but one capable of bringing returns in convenience, efficiency, and a more responsive service for customers.

3. Work with a Warehousing & Distribution Company

No matter what you do to optimize your hotel’s storage space, there are times when you just can’t find the room for items. That’s where specialized movers come in. Many of these companies offer commercial warehousing services you can take advantage of when looking for offsite storage of your assets.

Keep excess items in storage at a secure warehouse until you need delivery of them. It’s possible to keep your furniture, vehicles, and equipment in storage for the short- or long-term. Some commercial movers even maintain temperature controlled facilities where you can keep documents, antiques, and temperature-sensitive items.

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