library movers

What’s it take to move a library?

Librarians are the keepers of our written history, cultures and literary art. You can bet they take their responsibilities seriously! When it becomes necessary to move treasured volumes, library leaders are very particular about how it gets done.

We have assisted three libraries recently – each with varying degrees of complexity. Some moves were due to emergency water damage, others because of renovations. One project involved moving more than 60,000 books, working with aging, delicate books, and book shelving that was over 30 years old.

Some projects lasted up to three months and needed 20 professional movers a day.

Whether large moves or small, libraries require a detailed plan, patience, and a good working relationship with librarians.

And when it comes to moving library contents, there’s much more to it than loading books by the Dewey Decimal System. It takes a plan that includes the following:

  • Understanding the reason for the move. Is it to prepare for a renovation, or to move items due to damage?
  • Develop a plan. Having effective meeting and planning sessions with the right parties ensures we get the information we need to make the move a success. Just packing and storing books by the Dewey Decimal System is shortsighted. Instead, it’s necessary to package and store volumes so they can be easily unpacked and restocked onto shelves when the time comes.
  • Have Glassine boxes. Be well stocked with special, acid-free, PH neutral, biodegradable boxes that can help preserve aging books.
  • Be flexible. Understanding that timelines and needs may change throughout the project.
  • Communication. Sharing all details of the move with library leaders so they are well-informed about the project.

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