As a leader in moving across Philadelphia and Central New Jersey since 1977, our team at Simonik Transportation and Warehousing has always been committed to providing excellence. We are an Allied Van Lines agent and this year, Allied received the prestigious "Women's Choice Award" for its exceptional service. We are absolutely honored to be affiliated with this company, and with their impeccable reputation, you and your family are guaranteed to receive the high-quality residential moving services that you need.

The "Women's Choice Award" is one of the industry's best distinctions. There are many qualifications that are required to be considered in the first place, and the selection process is extremely strict. Our reception of this award displays our dedication to our customers, particularly women consumers who drive purchases and investments for their families.

Why Women's Consumer Decisions Matter Most

Women are primary decision makers in many households and are responsible for making consumer choices like which moving company they'll hire. These decisions are heavily based on family and friend recommendations, as these indicate whether a company can be trusted to provide quality service. According to the "Women's Choice Award", over 90% of women value the opinions of their peers, making it imperative that a program be established to evaluate these opinions. 

Selection Criteria for the "Women's Choice Award"

The "Women's Choice Award" surveys women from across the nation and asks them whether or not they would recommend Allied Van Lines' services and products to their friends and family. Simonik Transportation was floored to learn that 85% of all women surveyed approved of our services and would highly recommend them to their loved ones. This distinguishes us as the local and long distance movers in Philadelphia and Central New Jersey that homeowners can trust.

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Here at Simonik Transportation and Warehousing, we have a wide variety of specialized moving services for our customers to invest in. Whether you're moving across the entire country, or just the street, you can count on us to make your move look easy. Our extensive range of moving services include:

  • Residential and Household Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • International Moving
  • Storage
  • Specialized Moving
  • Transportation

We are proud to be an A+ rated and accredited company by the Better Business Bureau that offers full-service packing to all its customers. Let us help get you and your family to their new location with zero issues. Contact us today to receive a free quote for your planned move.